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Privacy Policy- to inform our visitors of policies regarding the use, collection, and disclosure of personal data

We collect some particular information from our visitors for the future betterment of our website to provide sufficient information about upcoming technology, gadget, and games.

Information of visitor

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Why We Collect The Data

Techgfreak.Com use to collect this Data for Various Reasons Like:

To interact with our Visitors
To provide all the latest info about technology, Gadget, and Games
To get all kind of suggestion for our website for better service in the future

Privacy Transfer of data

No personal info was provided by our Visitors will be leaked or transferred to any other person or website. We will maintain the security of your personal data. We are also Claiming that we will never trade or transfer any of your personal data provided by you and maintain your dignity.

Our Website may contain some other site links that are not been operated by us and some way related to our site. If you click other site links that are not related to our website then, you will be directed to the third-party website.
so, this is our duty to give you advice and inform you to take an overview of the Privacy Policy of those websites you visit, that we have no control over those websites.

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