Ghost Of Tsushima New Game Release on July 17, 2020

Ghost Of Tsushima New Game Release on July 17, 2020

The Ghost of Tsushima is an upcoming action- adventure game of 2020, which is developed and published by Sucker punch Production and Sony Entertainment for PlayStation 4 only. It is a Third-person Game and features a huge open world without any guidance and waypoints players can explore different parts of the world just by riding a horse. It also features side quests and you can interact with non- playable characters. The game can also engage you in a unexpected confrontation with your foe using various kind of weapons and tools like Katana for fatal strike, firecrackers for distracting enemies, kunai for take down multiple enemies and smoke bombs for disorient alert enemies etc. 

The whole game is set on Tsushima Island in the late 13th century and it features that time of diverse assortment of regions and ancient architecture of building, such as field, village, ancient forests, shrine, farms, countryside, mountains, various landmarks etc and will encounter many characters, friends and foes while entire adventure.

Characters :-

The main Protagonist of this game is Jin Sakai ( Daisuke Tsuji), a samurai warrior and his friend masako a samurai warrior. The main antagonist is the inhuman and ruthless general khotun khan of the mongol empire (patrick gallagher). There are other characters in the game like the monk ippei (keisuke hoashi), Onibaba (minae Noji), the high priestess (Hira Ambrosino) etc.

Plot :-

The plot of this game based on Tsushima Island in the year 1274, the game begins with one of the last samurai, jin sakai, during the first mongol invasion of japan. The mongol empire, have captured and devastated many parts of japan through their military tactics that’s unknown to the japanese. Only Tsushima that is stand between them and the mainland of japan, which is the last thing to conquer by mongol armies. Invaders defeated samurai force easily and captured a large amount of territory, and started terrorizing the local people gathered their resources to built up their strength. jin and few other survivors of his clan, defeated while protecting the island. jin later realize that his way of fighting is not going to work against a powerful foe. so, he must learn a way of ghost fighting style that emphasizes small-scale attack, and create fear in the minds of their enemy, using their enemies weapons against them and protect their mainland from the invaders.

Game price and release date :

The Game is released on 17th of july 2020 and price of this product is Rs 3,999 for standard edition and Rs 5,999 for special edition. you can purchase this game via amazon, click down below for purchase. 

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